Chowdhury Rajkin Mohsin

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  • + Position: Senior Lecturer (On Leave)

Academic Qualifications

  •  MBA (Pace University,USA)
  •  B.Sc. (Jacksonville University, USA)

Research Interest

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Analysis
  • Management

Work Experience

  •  Senior Lecturer, Independent University Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2006-present.
  •  Financial Analyst, CDM Unit, Grameen Energy, Dhaka, Bangladesh 2006-2007.
  •  Forex Trader, BNBC Inc. NY USA 2004-2006.
  •  Financial Advisor, CIBC Oppenheimer, NY USA 2002-2003.
  •  Investment Broker, J.P. Turner & Company, L.L.C., Jacksonville, FL USA. 2000-2002.
  •  Private Client Associate, Merrill Lynch, Jacksonville, FL USA 1999-2000.


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  •  Mohsin, C.R. (2010) “Wall Street & Capitalism.” The Bangladesh Accountant: Vol.68. No.39.
  •  Mohsin, C.R. (2010) “A Comparative Analysis of Interest Rate Parity and Sticky Price Model of Exchange Rate.” The Bangladesh Accountant: Vol.67. No.38.
  •  Sen, D.K & Mohsin, C.R. (2010) “FDI in the Context of SAARC Nations with Particular Reference to Bangladesh: An Analytical Study.” The Bangladesh Accountant: Vol.66. No.37.