Md. Shoaib Ahmed

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Academic Qualifications

  •  M.Sc. (Brunel University, United Kingdom), Finance and Accounting
  •  BBA (Independent University, Bangladesh)


Research Interest

  • Management accounting
  • Earnings management
  • Auditing
  • Corporate governance


Work Experience

  •  Senior Lecturer, Independent University Bangladesh (April 2012 – Present)
  •  Lecturer, Independent University Bangladesh ( January 2011 – April 2012)
  •  Senior Lecturer, ASA University Bangladesh (February 2009 – December 2010)
  •  Lecturer, Brit College, West Ham, United Kingdom (October 2007 – November 2008)


Published Research Papers

  •  Ahmed M. S., & Shil S. (2013). Protecting existing and prospective investors and the role of internal auditors, Independent Business Review, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp: 26-51, ISSN: 1996-3572.
  •  Ahmed M. S., and Liza F. F., “Efficiency of Commercial Banks in Bangladesh-A Data Envelopment Analysis”, European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science, Issue 56, January 2013, ISSN 1450-2275, pages: 130-152 Available at:
  •  Ahmed M. S., “An Empirical Study on Inflation and Economic Growth in Bangladesh”, Ontario International Development Agency, International Journal of Sustainable Development Vol 2: No:3, (2010) pp.41-48, ISSN 1923-6654 (print), ISSN 1923-6662 (online). Available at
  •  Ahmed M. S., “Migrant Remittance and Economic Growth: Evidence from Bangladesh”, Center for Socio Economic Research, ASA University Review, Jan-June 2010, Volume 4, NO 1, pp. 01-13, ISSN: 1997-6925.
  •  Ahmed M. S., “Impact of Globalization on Income Inequality in Rural and Urban Households in Bangladesh”, Journal of Business and Technology [Dhaka], Northern University Bangladesh, Jan-June 2010, Volume 05, Issue 01, pp. 64-73, ISSN: 1992-271X
  •  Ahmed M. S. and Tarique, M. K., “An Empirical Study on Exchange Rate Volatility and it Impacts on Bilateral Export Growth: Evidence from Bangladesh”, Centre for Business Research, Journal of Business Studies, Southeast University Bangladesh, Jan-June 2009, Volume V, NO. 1, pp. 125-137, ISSN: 1815-3267
  •  Ahmed M. S., “Exchange Rate Volatility and International Trade Growth: Evidence from Bangladesh”, Center for Socio Economic Research, ASA University Review, Jan-Jun 2009, Volume 3, NO 1, pp. 67-79, ISSN: 1997-6925.