Abdullah Al-Aabed

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Academic Qualifications

  •  MBA (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Finance


Conference and Seminars

  •  Conference on “Islamic Banking, Finance and Investment” organized by World Business Institute, Australia held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 2011.
  •  Research Methodology Workshop on “Investment Climate Issues” organized by Economic Research Group and International Finance Corporation, Dhaka, March 2009.
  •  Seminar on “How to Teach Futures & Options” conducted jointly by First India Economics & Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited, Dhaka, March, 2008.
  •  Conference on Information and Communication Technology Management organized by Multimedia University , Melaka , Malaysia , May, 2005.
  •  Seminar on “Empirical Estimation of Export Demand Function for Bangladesh” organized by Bangladesh Bank, February, 2005.
  •  International Conference on “Bridging the Gap between Micro and SME Finance” organized by SouthAsia Enterprise Development Facility-IFC, Dhaka, November 2005.



  •  An Analytical Study on the Role of Accounting and Accountants in Executive Information Systems (2012), Indian Journal of Management, Vol.1, No.1.
  •  Corporate Governance and Firm Performance in the Financial Sector, Annual Review of Southeast Asian Studies, Vol. 52, March, 2011.
  •  An Investigation on Cellphone Subscribers of Dhaka City, Bangladesh – Are They Happy and Loyal? (2011) Independent Business Review, Vo.l 4, No.2.
  •  Management of Innovative Activities of Small Entrepreneurial Manufacturing Workshops in Bangladesh, (2006)Journal of Business Adminstration, University of Dhaka, Vol 32, No. 1&2.


Working Papers

  •  Managing Directors’ Salary and Relative Firm Perfomance: A Bangladeshi Perspective.
  •  Testing the CAPM: Latest Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange.
  •  Impact of corruption on growth and investment in Bangladesh
  •  Testing the CAPM: Latest Evidence from Dhaka Stock Exchange.