Online Internship Workshops Summer – 2020

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The School of Business & Entrepreneurship (SBE), Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) has successfully organized and conducted “Online Internship Workshops Summer – 2020” on 25th July 2020 from 9:00am – 3:00pm for the students studying in their last semester of undergraduate program. The workshop was divided into two different sessions.
The first session was facilitated by Zubayer Zakir Khan, Adjunct Faculty, and Internship Coordinator, SBE. In first session Prof. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed, Dean (Acting) briefly discussed the importance of internship. He added few objectives of internship such as familiarity with job market, skill development. Further he explained why internship mock interview is necessary, it helps students to practice how to face professional interview in future. Finally, Dr. Ahmed thanked Mr. Khan and all the program officers of BBA Program Office and advised students to attend the interview properly and asked them how they can improve themselves. He was hopeful students will adapt the changing situation due to Covid 19 pandemics.
Then Mr. Khan invited representatives from each of the organization to introduce themselves and talked about their companies. The participating organizations were:, bKash, BRAC, Canada High Commission, EMK Center, Forethought PR (A Concern of Asiatic), Level Four Ad Networks, Magnito Digital Limited, Regent Group, Standard Chartered Bank Limited. They introduced themselves one by one and talked about their companies, skills they are looking for, the present job market, youth employment trends, etc.
Ms. Shakila Aktar representative of BRAC said BRAC is more than an organization to her. She worked here for more than 10 years. She added BRAC works for Humanity. She welcomed students and said one of students of IUB currently working as an intern and she is very happy about his performance and professionalism. Ms. Syeda Nafisa Noor representative of Magnito Digital Limited also told one of her interns has joined as a permanent employee at their organization. And as an Ex IUBian Ms. Nafisa was very happy to be associated with IUB again and again. She welcomed students and advised them to set a future goal and try to adapt with new normal situation. Mr. Saleh Zaman representative of Forethought PR (A Concern of Asiatic) told they hired 4 interns in last semester and one of them are now permanent employee. He wished same this time. Ms. Sharmin representative of EMK Center told that they work in 5 different dimensions and they are looking for interns who are very capable of communication capacity and engaging with people.
At the end of first session Dr. Ahmed and Mr. Khan thanked everyone and advised students take interview session seriously and wished them best of luck.
The second session “Mock Interviews” started sharp at 10am where 10 different companies participated. Human Resource personnel from these organizations conducted the mock interviews.
In total, the session was 5 hours long. After the interviews, all HR professionals also provided feedback to the students. SBE will take more initiatives like this in the future and will keep working with students to develop their capacity in various topics.