Industrial Visit at Fakir Apparels Ltd

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The Department of Human Resource Management and Independent HR Society collaboratively organized an Industrial tour on 5th March,2020. Head of HR Department, Dr. Shibly Noman Khan and Faculty Members Mr. Shafiqul Alam and Ms. Bushra Sanjana accompanied with students from different sections of HRM 380 course, participated in the industrial visit.

The tour was at Fakir Apparels Ltd in Fatullah Narayanganj. This is one of the reputed Garments manufacturing industry in Bangladesh. Students visited different units of the industry and it was an opportunity to acquire practical knowledge by witnessing manufacturing and production process. There was also an insightful briefing session conducted by Mr. M A Mannan, General Manager, Talent & Development, Fakir Apparels Ltd. He spoke on the compliances, waste management programs, Environmental safety measures, HR policies and sustainability in Garments industry sectors.

While visiting different units in the factory students got to know about various facilities which are provided by the industry to ensure that the workplace is convenient. There is a Children Centre with proper caring facilities for the children of female employees so that they can work without any tension for their family. Also, there is an arrangement of soft music for entertainment and mood refreshment so that the employees don’t get bored while working. Other than these, pure drinking water is provided everywhere in the industry. To ensure environment friendly atmosphere advanced technology is used for oxidation of waste chemicals. There are sufficient safety measures to ensure that any unwanted occurrence can be handled with proper preparation. There are separate emergency exit and enough fire extinguishers with high technology equipment in all the buildings. First aid kits and safety measures are taken in every units where chemicals and heavy machines are. Students were shown all these areas and they got to witness the manufacturing units where all the machineries and their functions were explained by the executives of the relevant departments.