Recognition and Award Giving Ceremony of (Independent International Business Forum) IIBF Club Members

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On the 4th of February 2020, the International Business Department of IUB organized its certificate giving and performance award ceremony for its club members of the Independent International Business Forum (IIBF). The event recognized the contribution of the club members especially their performance in the Autumn 2019 semester. The list of activities included in the Autumn 2019 semester was organizing a seminar ‘Meet the Corporates’ where professionals from multinational companies gave talks on their experiences related to their specific job functions (i.e., supply chain management in retailing, big data analytics, the fourth industrial revolution and recruitment opportunities in multinational companies). The other highlighting events were ‘People’s Radio 91.6 FM special ‘Campus Adda 916’, the Autumn 19 ‘Club orientation ‘Walk the Work’ and the October 23, ‘Club Carnival’.

The Dean of the School of Business, Professor Dr. Aminul Karim, handed in a total of 36 certificates to the club members and especial recognition was conferred upon the outgoing President of the Club, Mr. Tausif Rahim.

The Dean gave a talk congratulating the club members for their performance, commended on the club activities and help creating a wider impact in the community including inside the University circle and beyond. He also expressed his appreciation for the continuity of such activities in the future.

In this event the new Executive body of the Club was formed and the new positions were announced including the new President Ms. Wasifar Wazed Nayna and the Vice President Mr. Ismail Karim. A group of faculty members was present on the occasion. It was the first time a female President was introduced in the Club. The event went with great enthusiasm, greater prospect and a renewed vibe on the part of the club members and the international business students for their identification with the Club and carrying this positive momentum forward.