Prof. Dr. Md. Mamun Habib Delivered Speech in a Seminar on Supply Chain Management (SCM)

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Prof. Dr. Md. Mamun Habib, Professor of the Department of Management, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) delivered a speech as a resource person in the Seminar entitled “Supply Chain Management: An Introduction” on January 30, 2020 at the faculty lounge. This seminar was organized by School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh and it was inaugurated and Chaired by Prof. Dr. Mohd. Aminul Karim, Dean of the School of Business, IUB.

Prof. Habib briefly illustrated basic supply chain models for manufacturing and service industries with few examples of SCM models. Finally, Dr. Habib demonstrated ITESCM (Integrated Tertiary Educational Supply Chain Management) model. This seminar aimed to provide a common platform for the faculty members, students and practitioners to extract the knowledge and expertise especially in the area of Supply Chain Management.

The seminar was attended by the Professors, faculty members and staff of School of Business and this session was tailored by a lively Q & A. It’s noted that Prof. Dr. Habib joined School of Business, IUB at the early January 2020. He is a Visiting Scientist of University of Texas – Arlington (UTA), USA and Editor-in-Chief of International of Journal of Supply Chain Management (IJSCM) which is Scopus Indexed. He has specialization on Supply Chain Management and published more than 140 research publications, including books, book chapters, journals, and conference proceedings.