Business + Sustainability Will Help to Raise Employability

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“Blending sustainability with business will help graduates to increase their employability” said Dr. Afifa Raihana, Senior Environmental Specialist at IFC, World Bank Group in a seminar at the Graduate School of Business, IUB. The title of the seminar was “Career as a sustainability professional in Bangladesh: How a business degree can help” held on 22nd January, 2020.
The seminar started with introduction of the speaker Dr. Afifa Raihana by graduate student Mr. John Mark Joy Madhu. This was followed by welcome speech from Prof. Aminul Karim, Dean, School of Business.
During the presentation Dr. Raihana discussed about the current trends in job market, skill gaps, skill requirements, prospective sectors of employment, grooming strategies and employment traits for business graduates. Presentation session was followed by Q&A session from the audience. The seminar was attended by graduate students, members of faculty and administration of School of Business. Students were highly encouraged by having the opportunity to listen to Dr. Raihana’s chequered and illustrious career journey. The seminar ended with vote of thanks by Prof. Aminul Karim, who also presented crest and memento to the guest speaker Dr. Afifa Raihana.