YOUTH MEETING: “Sobai Vinno Eksathe Ononno”

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Department of Finance, School of Business (SB), IUB and its club, Independent Beta Elites (IBE), organized a seminar titled “Sobai Vinno Eksathe Ononno” on 14th November, 2019 at IUB Lecture Gallery. The seminar was supported by USAID’s Road to Tolerance program and Outbox Limited. The program was inaugurated with a welcome speech by Dr. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed, Professor of Finance. The theme of the seminar was about diversity and tolerance based on religious harmony, youth power and pluralism. An interactive session was conducted where students participated by giving their thoughts with lots of enthusiasm, and faculty members and experts gave their views as well. The seminar was concluded with a certificate giving ceremony to the participants by the Outbox limited.