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The School of Business and the International Business Department on the 7th of
August, 2019 organized a seminar on Publication in High Impact Factor Journals.
Dr. Mohammad Faisal Ahammad, Associate Professor of International Business,
University of Leeds, UK, conducted the seminar.
Dr. Ahammad talked about the preparations one has to make to publish in the
top quality academic journals. In this regard he threw light from his own
personal experiences in article publishing with regard to some of the challenges,
pitfalls, the joys and trepidations of publishing. He set his presentation focusing
on a serious of steps from the point of idea generation and team building through
data collection and write-up to submitting in the right journal and creating an
impact. He also talked about the sentiments about dealing with rejections and
also revising and resubmitting works for submission in other journals of choice.
In his presentation, Dr. Ahammad exhibited many of his own works as ‘samples’
being published in some of the top-notch academic journals including the British
Journal of Management and the Journal of World Business. He also talked about
networking, especially using such professional communications tools like
‘Linkedin’ and ‘Email’ for finding such lead specialists and through them connect
with a team of experts in a related field and engaging in the publication process.
An idea that runs counter to the traditional notion of finding such experts and
being formally engaged, as normally thought upon in international academics
A group of faculty members of the Business School including lecturers,
professors and the Dean of the School attended the seminar. The seminar was
concluded by a note of thanks by Professor Dr. Aminul Karim, the Dean of the
Business School and also the handing of a crest, a memento of appreciation to the
visiting guest.