Industry Visit to Monno Ceramic Factory

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On 20th July,2019 the Independent marketers’ association – IMA and the department of marketing successfully organized a day trip to Monno Ceramic and Jahangirnagar University. Along with the members of IMA, many bright students of marketing department were also there.

The students witnessed the production process of ceramic products at the factory. The objective of the visit was to broaden their knowledge through practical experience. The students were guided by the managers of the company who explained every phase of the production process, as the students observed how a finished ceramic product is made from raw materials. This factory has manufacturing units for both Domestic and International Market. The students also gained an understanding about the export destinations and brands of Monno Ceramic.

After completing the industry trip, students were taken to Jahangirnagar University where they met the directors of JU-IBA and explored the campus. It was a remarkable experience for the students.