Bangladesh Marketing Day 2019 Celebration

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The Independent Marketers’ Association (IMA) is known for organizing exciting and vivid marketing related celebrations with lasting memories. On the occasion of Bangladesh Marketing Day 2019, there was no exception. IMA commemorated Bangladesh Marketing Day with the persistent help by the club coordinator Mr. Abul Khair Jyote, who was supported by the hard working, creative and enthusiastic members of the club.

To celebrate this day, the club members made a marketing museum with posters of the renowned brands containing important pieces of information and fun facts. A photo booth “THE THRONE OF MARKETERS” inspired by “GAME OF THRONES” was also made. The throne had several marketing terms written on it. Two documentaries regarding marketing were also exhibited to enlighten students more about the subject. The VC, HOD, Dean of the School of Business and faculties from different departments and university students were invited to celebrate this day with IMA club members. Appreciation received from faculties and students motivated the members to execute more successful events in the future.