“Internship Workshops” Summer – 2019

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The School of Business, Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) has successfully organized and conducted “Internship Workshops” for the students studying in their last semester of undergraduate programme. The internship workshops focused on the capacity development and job placement of students through multiple workshops. The internship workshops included the following topics: resume writing, interview tips, basic interview skills, self-assessment, exploring organizations, and also mock interviews. The first workshop was held on 2nd May, 2019 and it was facilitated by Adjunct Faculty and Internship Coordinator, School of Business, Zubayer Zakir Khan. Also, Zarin Zeba Khan (Ex. UN employee and current Advisor – Global Affairs Canada – Canadian Embassy) participated as a guest speaker to motivate students during the workshop. Zarin shared insights about her professional journey and tried to motivate students as they step into a new phase of life. This session was also attended by the Dean of Business School who provided an opening speech to motivate students. The first workshop was an hour long session focusing on CV writing, interview tips and interview skills.

The 2nd workshop was held on 9th May, 2019. The career and campus recruitment workshop was taken by Kazi IT who came into the campus to speak to students, provide career guidance and on-campus recruitment services. The session was opened by a speech from the Dean of Business School. Furthermore, the Country Director and CEO of Kazi IT Ltd. Zara Mahbub shared her early work life experiences with the students. The session also included a written exam for student assessment; the students who did well in the written would be called for an interview and offered an internship at Kazi IT Ltd.

The 3rd Workshop, “Mock Interviews” were held on 23rd May, 2019 where 8 different companies participated. Human Resource personnel from these organizations conducted the mock interviews. The participating organizations were: Uber, Bikroy, Teckzo Digital, Shomoy Technologies, The Westin, Level Four AdNetworks, Jarvis Digital and Sindabad. The Mock Interview Sessions started off with a seminar where the Dean of Business School gave an opening speech welcoming all the companies. This was followed by a speech from Adjunct Faculty and Intership Coordinator Zubayer Zakir Khan. The 8 participating companies also stepped on to the stage to talk about their companies, what skills they are looking for, the present job market, youth employment trends, etc. One of the leading national channels RTV was also present to cover the event which was later aired on RTV during 6:45 news on the same day. The seminar was followed by 2 hour long mock interview sessions. In total, the session was 3 hours long. After the interviews, all HR professionals also provided feedback to students.

These 3 workshops contributed tremendously to the capacity development of students and it gave them additional confidence before stepping into the workplace. IUB will take more initiatives like this in the future and will keep working with students to develop their capacity in various topics.