Industrial Tour to The Cumilla Ship Builders Ltd

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Department of Finance, Independent University Bangladesh (IUB), in association with Independent Beta Elites, organized an industrial tour to one of the most prominent and pioneering ship building companies of Bangladesh, The Cumilla Ship Builders Ltd in Char Mirerbagh, Keraniganj, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 30th March 2019. A group of 30 students and faculty members participated in this industrial tour. The tour was facilitated by Mr. Anwar Zahid, (Lecturer, Department of Finance), and it was graced by the presence of Dr. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed (Professor, Department of Finance), Dr. Samiul Parvez Ahmed, (Associate Professor & Head of Finance Department), Mohammad Fahad Noor ( Lecturer, Department of Finance).

One of the most unique aspects of Cumilla Ship Builders Ltd. is that it is a ship building company along with a dockyard where repairs are made. The property has a capacity of 1200 metric ton with ISO certification. The students were taken to this industrial tour so that they could have hands on experience to one of the most vital industries of Bangladesh. Particularly, the students had a unique opportunity to see how various water-transports (Ferry, Cargo Ship, Passenger Ship) are made and financed. The industrial tour was very successful with the active participation of the students from Department of Finance which concluded with a vote of thanks to Cumilla Ship Builders Ltd.