Seminar on “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship-The Art of Unlearning”

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A Seminar titled “Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship-The Art of Unlearning” was held on 30th January, 2019 for the students studying in their final year of undergraduate program at the School of Business. Mr. Jan Jongbloed, who is an expert in entrepreneurship skill development area from PUM Netherlands, conducted a very interesting session. Particularly, he is an experienced entrepreneur who started his first company in 1986 with a preference for building up organizations. He has a background in management, IT and product-innovation. Since 1999 he has been working in the field of business development and business creation (entrepreneurship) nationally, in developing countries and upcoming markets. With such background, he conducted the seminar in entrepreneurial innovations on business paradigm. The session was immensely beneficial for the students. At first, Ms. Zaima Ahmed, Lecturer, Department of Finance introduced the speaker to the audience. Professor Aminul Karim, Dean, School of Business, started the program with a welcome note and handed over a token of appreciation to the speaker. Dr. Samiul Parvez Ahmed, Head, Department of Finance coordinated and facilitated the entire program.