Department of Finance, SB organizes Webinar Session with Professor from University of Queensland

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Department of Finance, School of Business (SB), IUB organized a webinar session on “Pitching Research” on Thursday, 19th July 2018 for its faculties. The session was hosted by Professor Dr. Robert Faff, Professor of Finance and Director of Research at the Queensland Business School, University of Queensland, Australia. Professor Faff is internationally reputed in research in empirical finance, with over 300 refereed journal publications and more than 10,900 career citations. He is particularly passionate about nurturing and developing early career researchers, and his signature work is the research pitching template which is widely used for research proposal planning and skills development. The webinar led to an interactive session where both the participants and the host exchanged useful information. Faculty members from other local universities i.e. Institute of Business Administration (IBA), North South University, BRAC University and University of Liberal Arts also participated in the webinar. Professor Dr. Reza Monem from Griffith University, Australia facilitated the webinar, and Mr. G. M. WaliUllah, Lecturer, Department of Finance, SB hosted it on behalf of IUB.